RCN Bursary Schemes

Tips for applying 

Are you thinking about applying for a bursary but unsure about how the process works? The RCN Foundation has put together a toolkit of advice to help you. 
1. Apply early
Make sure that you apply early, this way you can prepare for any interviews and ensure that your application is filled in accurately.
2. Be clear
Ideally type the application and send electronically, if you are handwriting the application use black ink and write clearly.
3. Double check that you are eligible
Read the eligibility criteria carefully and ensure that you meet the required criteria. 
4. Estimate costs accurately and be realistic
Estimate your costs as accurately as possible, the budget that you provide will be used to calculate the amount awarded.
5. Personal statement
Sell yourself and the activity that you are applying for, make sure that you include the benefit the funding will have for the public. In addition identify and write about the challenges you may face and how you would overcome these. If you are unsure of how to write a personal statement ask your manager or colleague for advice.
6. Supporting statements
You may need to provide a statement from your manager or an academic tutor. Ensure that you leave enough time to get these.
7. Read the guidance notes 
Make sure that you read the guidance notes and fully complete the form – more than 19% of applications are rejected at the first stage due to incomplete forms.
8. Don’t miss the closing date
Make sure you know when the closing date is and allow yourself enough time to send the application via the preferred method.
9. Get interview ready 
Certain application processes may involve an interview process. Prepare for this early, think about likely questions and how you could answer these. 
10.   Keep trying 
If you are not funded first time, don’t be put off and try again.