Previously funded projects 

Inside out of Mind- awarded 2013

The RCN Foundation funded the innovative play ‘Inside Out of Mind’ which addressed issues around dementia care. Each performance is followed by a discussion session where health care professionals can share their experiences of dementia care. The play was a result of research carried out by Professor Justine Schneider and colleagues at the Institute of Mental Health, University of Nottingham. From this research Tanya Myers, co-Artistic Director of Meeting Ground Theatre Company, was commissioned to create a play to address issues around dementia care. Training materials based on the play have also been developed to facilitate training among health care professionals.

‘I enjoyed the performance hugely. As did my companion - who is a recently retired GP whose mother has dementia.  I was particularly glad to be able to attend a performance targeted at health professionals with a post-show discussion. Issues around the need for training and support, including emotional support were, among other things, highlighted’
-Helen Carter- Foundation trustee.

Visit the shows website at

or watch an interview with the director below. 



Library and Heritage Centre- awarded 2012

The RCN library and heritage centre is Europe’s largest nursing specific facility. Since opening in 2013 the centre has become a popular attraction for nursing professionals and the wider public with nearly 20,000 visitors each month. The popularity of the Library and Heritage Centre continues to grow with a series of public lectures and exhibitions planned for 2015 and beyond. The Foundation funded the construction of the facility for the benefit of the nursing community and the general public.

For further information please visit.

York University Research Project- awarded 2013

The RCN Foundation funded a research and consultation project focusing on the theme of patient care and professional development for nursing staff in care and nursing homes.

Following a successful bid, the University of York were given a grant of £20,000 to carry out research into care and nursing homes. The research explored issues around staff retention and development with a focus on CPD.

In the UK, approximately half a million older people live in nursing and care homes. The sector now provides more beds than NHS hospitals, for a predominantly older population, with increasingly complex healthcare needs. Ensuring older people can access ‘good’ nursing care in care homes is crucial.

The Foundation is now consulting with key stakeholders as to how issues raised from the research can be addressed. If you would like to join this consultation and put forward your views please e-mail

Further information about the work is available at or on the project blog:



Dementia Project- awarded 2012

The RCN Foundation awarded the Royal College of Nursing a grant to develop resources, including webpages, booklets and a DVD supporting the development of dementia care guidelines. The project produced best practice guidelines to improve the care of people with dementia by ensuring the support and involvement of their careers. A parliamentary reception was held to launch the guidelines with key stakeholders present. The final part of the project will see the development of a ‘community of practice’ which will create a forum for nursing professionals to share and develop best practice advice.


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