Lamplight Support Service 

We support nurses, midwives and health care assistants experiencing circumstances that impact on their finances. Our service is provided in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), and owing to our charitable funding, we extend support to the whole nursing community, whether an RCN member or not. 

Students can also access the Lamplight Support Service; however, university welfare departments are often better placed to advise so we recommend engaging with their services in the first instance. 

Welfare benefits and tax credits advice

If you are experiencing a change in circumstances that impacts on your income or are unclear about your entitlement to benefits and tax credits, our team can check that you are getting the financial support that you’re entitled to. 

Not all benefits are means tested so even if you have savings or are comfortably meeting your outgoings, in situations such as ill-health, we may be able to identify benefits that you can claim. 

Income maximisation

In addition to carrying out a full benefits check, we can provide guidance on reducing expenditure and identifying potential sources of additional income.

Financial assistance

In some cases, individuals who meet the means tested criteria are eligible for a one-off charitable payment through the RCN Foundation. An outline of who is eligible and in what circumstances can be found by visiting our financial assistance guide

For details of other charities that might be able to assist visit

Make an appointment

To make an appointment with the Lamplight Support Service, please call us on 0345 772 6200 between 0830 and 2030. 

Alternatively, RCN members can access the service through RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100.


 No Longer Suffering in Silence 

Just over a year ago, the Lamplight Support Service was set up to support members of the nursing community who were facing hardship. The service was developed as a partnership between the RCN Foundation and the RCN.

The Foundation provides the funding to deliver the service and to make grants to individuals, whilst the RCN delivers the service through its Lamplight team of assessors. With the ongoing media focus on public sector pay,  the issue of nursing hardship will no doubt continue to be raised and reported upon in the news. Against this backdrop, the RCN Foundation published a review of Lamplight's first year.

The review highlights that one in five grants were made to recipients who were in full-time work. This underlines the fact that the issue of in-work poverty facing members of the nursing profession is a pressing one that requires urgent attention. But what the review also highlights is the very real difference and positive impact that Lamplight is making to the lives of individual nurses, midwives and HCA's across the country. This comes across not just through the numbers contained within the review, but also in some of the stories of those who have been supported. As one person told us, "the Benevolent Fund is there for nurses, and it really makes a difference to have this support when things seem bleak. I now know that I no longer need to suffer in silence".

Please do take a look at the review and let us know what you think. 

No Longer Suffering in Silence Report to Download 

To access initial advice and book an appointment for a full assessment, call the Lamplight Support Service team on 0345 772 6200 between 8:30 and 20:30 Monday to Friday.





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