Hardship funding case studies


Sam lost her job following a prolonged absence from work caused by a secondary infection to HIV. Sam is now back in good health and ready to nurse again. Her lack of money means she can’t pay for her NMC registration fee so Sam contacted the RCN Foundation and we met the cost. She can now return to work and continue to rebuild her life.


Kate is a second year nursing student and is unable to work extra shirts due to recent cardiac problems. She has a young family and relied on the income from her work as an HCA to get by month to month. Whilst she awaits a diagnosis, the RCN Foundation has assisted Kate with childcare so she can continue her nurse training.


Anne has two children with severe learning disabilities. On a trip out, Anne and her husband witnessed the profound calming effect that a visit to a sensory garden had had on their children. The couple desperately wanted one that their children could benefit from at home. The Foundation assisted with a grant to build the garden that has had such a positive impact on the children and parents lives.


Lillian worked as a nurse for 45 years and lives off her modest pension. The roof on her house was in desperate need of repair to prevent further structural damage. Without savings or sufficient insurance cover, Lillian couldn’t afford the essential work. A friend of Lillian’s approached us on her behalf, and we helped her get the repairs that she deserved.

              *Please note that all names have been changed for legal reasons.

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