Cavell Mountain Challenge 

A team of intrepid explorers from the RCN and RCN Foundation are to take on the challenge of climbing Mount Edith Cavell in Alberta, Canada.

Their efforts are to raise money for the RCN Foundation and Cavell Nurses' Trust, in our work supporting nurses in times of hardship. 

Mount Cavell was named in 1916 after an English nurse executed by the Germans during World War I. Cavell helped Allied soldiers escape from occupied Belgium to the Netherlands.

The climb, which takes place from 22 to 29 August 2015, is also named in Cavell's honour and will mark a century since her death. 

The RCN team, made up of members from across the organisation, will be joined by fundraisers for the Cavell Nurses’ Trust, a charity that supports nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants in the UK during times of difficulty.

Carol Evans, RCN Council member for the Eastern Region, who is taking part, said:

“I know how hard it can be for nurses to get by. As an RCN representative I am familiar with stories of nursing staff relying on food banks or working extra shifts to make ends meet.

I want to do my bit

Carol added: “The RCN Foundation and the Cavell Nurses' Trust help nursing staff get through very hard times. I want to do my bit to help out.”

RCN Deputy President Rod Thomson will hike, ride and climb across eight days in August in order to give something back. He said:

“I’ve been fortunate throughout my career to have had advice and support from nursing colleagues, my family and friends. As Deputy President, I want to do something to help those who have not had my good fortune.”

Donate online 

The team is completed by Lewis Allett, a Grants Officer from the RCN Foundation, and Stuart McKenzie, Chair of RCN Congress.

Together they have set themselves a fundraising target of £16,000. You can donate online via Just Giving.

You can follow their progress here and on our twitter and facebook pages. 



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