Help us support Nurses this Christmas 

Christmas is a busy and joyful time of year, a time for celebrating with family and friends. But for some, Christmas is often a time of loneliness and despair, with many people feeling that they have nowhere to turn. For those who have spent a lifetime caring for others, facing Christmas can be a real challenge, particularly when money is tight.

The RCN Foundation provides advice and financial help to members of the nursing team – nurses, midwives and health care assistants – who are struggling because of illness, disability, domestic violence or simply being unable to make ends meet. Through our Lamplight Support Service, we are here to support those who care for us, providing a welcome safety net when things go wrong. Since 2010, the number of individuals receiving a grant has doubled, highlighting the increasing pressure that nursing is facing. Ann and John are just two examples of the many hundreds of people we help each year.

Ann has been a nurse her entire life. At the age of 49 she was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, a spinal injury and neurological illness. It was a downward spiral of loneliness and desperate lack of earnings, leading to emotional turmoil and depression. She had not turned the heating on for two winters and went many days without meals. The Lamplight Support Service offered Ann a grant to get her thermal blackout curtains and blinds ahead of the winter. They also provided her with carpets to keep the warmth in and had a cupboard built under the stairs to house her wheelchair. Ann says “My life has changed with the help I received and I will be eternally grateful for the support they gave me.”

A week before Christmas, former nurse John (not his real name) contacted the Lamplight Support Service to tell them that he had been evicted and was sleeping rough. Within the space of a few hours the service had secured accommodation for John that enable him to have somewhere safe, dry and warm to sleep over the Christmas period and well into the New Year. The cost of this lifeline for John was just £600 but the positive physical and emotional impact on John was immense. Since then, the Lamplight Support Service has been working with John and local organisations to find a more permanent solution to his housing problems.   

The Lamplight Support Service provides a lifeline to nursing professionals during times of adversity. A donation this Christmas, no matter how small, can make a huge difference to the lives of nurses, midwives and health care assistants who are struggling to cope. As well as helping now, your donation will also help to get those in need on the path to a more stable future. In 2017, 63% of those we helped said that a grant would help to increase their independence and 54% said that it would help them to get back to work.

So this Christmas, please help us to make sure that the Lamplight Support Service can carry on supporting those who need us by making a donation to the RCN Foundation. Those who care for us should not have to face adversity alone – please help us to help them. 

To make an even bigger impact please consider making a regular donation. as little as £1 a month can help us reach so many more nurses like John that need our help. 

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